Repeat business – creating a stable customer base


Winning repeat business from your customers makes sense on many levels

Not only does this smooth out your sales and income if they buy regularly, but it is also far less expensive to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. And if you do it correctly, retaining those customers is actually quite simple. More often than not, it boils down to a matter of communication.

Here are five tips you can apply to keep those channels of communication open and ensure your customers remain loyal:

Consistency is key:

Be that trusted partner who always delivers what your customer has grown to expect from you.

Hire the right people:

Friendly, engaged and professional staff go a long way to presenting the image and experience you want your customers to talk about.

Know your customers:

The most effective way of building an accurate picture of your customers' buying patterns, preferences, payment terms and transaction history is by using customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This allows you to present a more personal face to customers.

Be personal:

Chances are that you have developed a personal relationship with regular customers. If not, then do so. People buy from people, not from companies. By developing a mutually beneficial and interesting relationship you are able to take the business relationship to the next level and ensure their loyalty, even in the case of complaints or hiccups.

Stay connected:

Obviously, one-on-one interaction is always good for building relationships, but you can also remain top of mind by producing regular newsletters, blog posts or social media interactions. Key takeaway: Why fight for the attention of new customers every month if you can build strong, loyal relationships with customers who already know you and your business? New business does not always have to come from new sources: work on developing close relations with existing customers.



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    You don’t really need to take a lot of people out to lunch to get repeat business. It doesn’t hurt but there’s plenty of other (cost-effective) ways to keep the channels of communication open and develop a more personal relationship with your customers. For me the most important thing is keeping in contact through phonecalls or emails etc.
    One of the best salesman I know (Bill Gibson KBI) once said that getting your clients to come back time and again is not only building a relationship with that customer but each time gives you the opportunity to 'upsell' every time they come back to you.
    I've found that newsletters and blogs are key to staying top of mind with customers. The challenge is finding the time to do them properly and to find the topic that resonates...
    If you get repeat business then you can start asking for referrals. If they won't give you referrals then you know you are not serving your client and it is time for some reflection.
    If we are talking about Small Business Emterprises' (sme's).What about a community driven business model that creates a platform for sme's to compete with corporates? This will take care of all of the above tips without hiring additional staff. A loyalty card for small business owners benefits of B2B purchases lower operating costs and reduced marketing costs. 88% of companies that invest in customer loyalty are more profitable than their competitors. Source: Deloites.
    I think this is a great article because I want to build a steady client base. But how do I keep the balance between constantly growing my client base - finding new clients and mantaining my existing relationships?
    I have found that consitent service levels and good communication is key to retaining business. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients also helps retain their business never look for the quick buck rather offer competitive pricing and look at the long term objectives this way you will earn your client's trust and drive customer loyalty. With the right approach your clients will keep coming back and even refer your products and services to others.
    Hi Khanyi what business are you in? Regards
    Great insight I like that.
    Know your customer. One of the best ways is with a CRM program. Know who your top 10 customers are When they last purchased How much they purchased Where they come from Most CRM are out of reach for many small businesses.