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As a business owner, you often understand the vision and mission for your business, but articulating that to potential investors is not that simple. Here are some tips to help you pitch your business:

Keep it short:

Eliminate insignificant details and keep your pitch brief and straight to the point.

Pitch to the right investors:

Pick people who really know your business. They are already interested; give them a reason to take that step further and invest in your business.

Understand your market:

Investors need to know that you are clear with the field, understand your market and know how to offer something different.

Numbers detail:

It is more than a statistic. How many customers do you have, your revenue, your cash flows, and many other details should be presented in detail?

Show off your experience:

Show your investors that you have expertise within your industry and any other related field.

Hard asset:

Investors will like assets. Intellectual property like your trademark or patent will be very interesting for investors.

Your investment:

Declare your commitment to the possible partnership. Make sure that your investors know you’re also investing your money on the business.

Realistic projection:

Investors will like your confidence on sales rise. Explain it using realistic calculation and measurement.

Your plan for the money:

Clearly elaborate how their money will help the business, and how they will earn profits from there. What are some great tips and tricks from your experience?

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    Research and experience both prove that a very small number of pitches actually end up being bought and implemented. So the obvious question is What makes a pitch successful What do people want in order to buy you and how do you avoid the fast elimination??? Reaearch say that when a person we don’t know pitches an idea to us we search for visual and verbal matches. We subconsciously award points to people we can easily identify as having creative traits; we subtract points from those who are hard to assess or who fit negative stereotypes. It seems a combination of passion creativity and inviting the catchers (the people you are pitching to)to collaborate and a definite sense that you have know-how and practical sense about the implemenation of the idea is the best way to avoid the fast elimination because negaotive impression tend to be more memorable than positve ones.
    You could say that to be received positively you require practical intelligence charisma and wit
    hi shaun depends on who you are pitching to Isuppose...number people or big picture people?
    Dont forget that there are people out there that will be analysing the information and applying all sorts of financial ratios and so on. You have to be prepared for some very intimate and intimidating discussions!
    I agree with all of this but I think the investor will ask what makes this business sustainable and worthwhile investing in ?
    Ialways suggest to try and create some sort of annuity income.... pretty much like a gym membership or other monthly/annual payments as these always make an investors eyes light up :)
    I also think that when you pitch one must not be too short and to the point.... definitely sell the sizzle and not the steak. But you need to be able to back up your facts and assumptions with proper information
    Indeed ive come to believe its that happy balance of practical intelligence ( know how and able to be implemented) with passion and creativity that creates the positive likeability - the subconscious point scoring
    yep sometimes the creator need not necessarily be the runner... a great engineer may make a bad administartor/marketing type.
    another thing I find interesting... one needs to present not only your business case/model/plan properly but you as a person need to present yourself appropriately. Last year a guy approached me to do some work for me but I was never going to part with any money because I was not confident that he was capable of dong the job because his references his appearance and his tools were shabby! Was I too harsh?
    I read article on pitching
    we are small black owned startup business providing software testing and quality assurance services looking for business opportunity. Regards Teclado Technologies
    Good morning all you business warriors
    Its one thing to go out and pitch for funding and investors as this article describes but id like to discuss how to pitch your company to the prospective clients
    As they say Lifes a Pitch!!! and it really helps to know something about pitching your ideas to clients
    its all about how to sell yourself and brilliant ideas According toSteven Bayley - the Author of LIfes a Pitch ( a read it) The pitch is the essence of modern business. In pitching for new business ideas and emotional intelligence dominate. And the skills of the pitch can also apply to just about every significant personal transaction in your life.
    Whether at a sales conference in a corporate conference room hell or over lunch at a glamorous restaurant a pitch is not about transferring information it’s about transferring power. It is business but it is also theatre and the results of a successful pitch are quite simply money and power.
    Firstly your elevator pitch is vital. If you can't say who you are and what you do in a few sentences you don't know who you are and what you do and neither will anyone else! Verbose presentations and lengthy explanations will not impress investors or potential clients and most likely will turn them off. Present your business in a manner that's short sweet and to the point. Investors need to be confident that your business will attract and retain customers. If they don't grasp your concept in a short time span they may presume that customers won't understand it either. For potential clients you need to identify the problem your company solves announce your promise offer proof and a plan and very importantly know when to stop and listen!
    Success involves people and organisations having to sell what they have to offer – this could be our skill a product or service. This term frightens the life out of many as it conjures images of unethical smooth talking individuals manipulating others so as to get their own way.
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    Good day everyone! We are very new to the real business world and my question is this how is it at all possible to find the proper words to approach a potential client? We are in catering and have so far gotten by on word of mouth but i am looking to get more steady business and have not a clue on how to approach someone from a business point of view. Regards Danny
    @Dano_ great question. There is never a set answer here although it is important to interpret and learn from others. No matter what you are doing in your life - whether it is on a professional level or as a volunteer and whether you are a parent a teacher a doctor a business owner a politician or any combination of these titles - you are selling something. Before you make that appointment or attend that crucial meeting find out what you can about the company or the person to whom you are targeting your product or service. The Internet is a great place to start. Check out social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook and visit any pertinent websites and blogs. Pay attention to customer feedback the company has received. No one likes to have his or her time wasted. The more personal you can make your sales message the better it will be received. Put yourself in your customer's position and ask yourself what you would want to know about your service. Most people want to learn of things that will make their lives easier or better in some way. How can you meet their specific needs? Another key is to know your product and convery the message in a language/tone which relates to the client.It's hard to get someone excited about what you are selling if you are not excited about it yourself. Know your product or service inside out and backwards and forwards before you make a sales call. Anticipate questions and be ready with concrete meaningful answers.
    @Dano_. Your point around Word of Mouth is very important. Have you considered finding distribution channels or agents/resellers of your brand? Maybe try Photographers for weddings as they will have a large database of wedding clients whom you could work with (as an examples Danny).
    @AlexSimpson. I agree with these points. You need to think smart then apply the methods very strategically. Keeping a very good name and sometimes simply asking for business is the best way. People do not mind helping you just need to ask (respectfully).
    @AlexSimpson your points are good here.Study your product information in terms of what the customers of your target market find important. Identify the features the targeted customer will find interesting. Ask existing customers what they liked about dealing with you and then work on those strengths in an authenic way.
    @Dano_ another simple yet neccessary strategy is around planning goals specific for your catering business.Come up with goals by using your historical data. How many weddings will you do this year? How many cocktail parties? Are there times of years when your target market is busier? You know your business you know the ebbs and flows. Plan for them by defining them and then this will help with your steps of execution as they will be more focused.
    @ShaunAnderson I love this Shaun!
    @RJohn this is a very practical application and the channel partnership strategy is always a viable method especially if they are focusing on the same verticals as you.